Why is OIL recommended as oppose to Lacquer and Why does the coating Lacquer CRACK, PEEL OFF or FLAKE?

Even though you cut timber and use it for commercial, residential or constructive purposes, the timber is not dead. It still breathes and lives on provided it is given the right treatment in the form of a good natural finish which blends in with the natural characteristics of the timber. A lacquer or a film forming finish would not give them a solution in the long run, the coating would eventually crack, peel off, flake, blister, scratch, etc… It happens because in our environment timber expands and contracts, when this happens the coating on the surface cannot expand, this is when the coating cracks from the surface. Over time the surface also changes colour and becomes grey and without a doubt you have to remove the coating, clean the grayness out of the timber and then re-­‐do the application all over again. This is not only time consuming, but also disturbs guest overtime as the machine needs to run to remove the coatings from the surface and finally cost alot of money, valuable resources, loss of timber thickness, etc…

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