What types of maintenance is required to maintain the finish?

Wood is a natural resource, like it is being protected it is more important to maintain so that you can benefit from the same. The maintenance is not complicated if it is understood well, however to understand one must show interest. A regular mop to remove the dirt and dust from the surface and a wax half yearly or depending on the traffic by monthly should help you retain a fine finish for a lifetime. “Wood needs PROTECTION and MAINTENANCE Our Region (Common Conditions) -­‐ High Humidity -­‐ Salinity -­‐ Tropical -­‐ Rainfall -­‐ Sunlight throughout the Year -­‐ Etc…. Our Promise… Our expertise in these regions has helped us understand the root cause of the problem and eventually to identify the right product and solutions. We are keen in giving you the right solution, as you know a solution isn’t complete without both parties agreeing to the same, we also believe in reducing your costs in the long term, in order to do so we need your support at the initial stage to have the product implemented properly, the initial stage is when the product would perform and prove for itself. Therefore even though it may sound or be a bit difficult at the beginning, I am sure you will enjoy the benefits in months or years to come with renovation costs coming down. Furthermore we equip our clients with uninterrupted continuous support from our team trained professionals, where we provide regular inspection visits, reports on improvement, address minor day to day issues if any, provide training and support to further their knowledge and experience in the use of OSMO. We also provide an in-­‐depth training on wood, flooring construction, floor preparations, etc… to our clients as means of improving the quality of workmanship, in their use of timber. All Resorts use a lot of timber, OSMO has a solution for all the needs and problems of timber, be it indoor or outdoor. Like I explained to you, highlight your problem, we at OSMO will you a complete solution. Thank You, NOTE: Wood is an ideal and healthy material with which to create modern homes. Although as a non-­‐ professional, it can be difficult to assess the quality of wood at first glance, with Osmo you can be sure that you are getting the very best. That’s because Osmo sets the standard in quality wood and color. One look at our fine finishes, high-­‐ quality surfaces and our perfect-­‐fit flooring shows that only the very best products, which have passed our strict quality controls, are fit to bear the name Osmo. …wood – a diverse and naturally renewable material

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