What is the reason for sunbed handles and chair handles to change color with guest usage?

This is a very common problem that most resorts/hotels have come across. The reason for this is because of sweat, sun lotion, body greases of the guest in the resort. What these products do is, they fire the timber fibre causing the timber to have black marks. Can grayed timber be cleaned without having to sand? Sanding is generally the most common option but one must understand timber is a valuable resource and sanding the same over and over again is only going to reduce the thickness of the timber and invariably breakaway. Naturally grayed surface Refreshed Protected The picture above shows how a surface can be cleaned and bought backs to originality without having to sand and loose timber. This process is not only quicker than sanding but more effective than sanding as you will be not reducing or losing the strength of the timber by sanding.

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