Do transparent finishes offer UV -­‐protection?

An effective level of protection can be achieved with a transparent finish on exterior surfaces. Darker pigmented finishes offer more UV -­‐protection than lighter pigmented finishes. This is because the pigment in the dark color gives you the added protection against the UV Rays. Why does fungal decay occur on exterior wood finishes and how can I remove it? The most frequently appearing fungi show a punctual, brownish but mostly black affection (airborne spores). Moss and algae in contrast appear as a green film on the finish. These organisms discolor the wood and can spread over the whole area. This affection is a result of high humidity and other environmental influences – particularly in umbrageous areas and near plants and water. This discoloring fungus won’t destroy the wood; however early detection and removal of the fungus and right treatment will help you maintain the finish

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